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PCOS Acne Cure – Quick Ways to Reduce Acne While Treating PCOS

PCOS Acne Cure
PCOS Acne Cure?

One symptom of PCOS that can be frustrating and embarrassing is the acne that becomes a chronic problem for some women. A PCOS acne cure is sometimes desperately needed by these women whose self esteem can be ravaged by this symptom and these are ways to combat acne directly.

Like anything I recommend on this site an acne cure is not a once shot thing from a miracle pill but is instead a natural and holistic way of dealing with the problems. You can try all the acne creams and ointments but in the end this will not work because the underlying condition which is your hormonal imbalances will make them come back again and again if you are predisposed to acne with PCOS.

Another reason why you should not trust the phramcy and doctors is that some of the newer “miracle drugs” like Accutane or Isotretinoin have a list of harmful side effects that you need to know about.

  • From the mild ones such as: dry lips, dry eyes, nosebleeds, extremely dry skin, increased sensitivity to the sun and thinning hair.
  • To the more harmful ones such as: Severe aches and pains in the lower back and large joints, major allergy reactions including moderate rashes and difficulty to breath, vision problems, hearing loss, permanent liver damage, persistent migraines and headaches as well as a rare condition called skeletal hyperostosis. There are also reports of these drugs causing birth defects in pregnant women or soon to be pregnant women.

In short, you owe it to yourself to naturally put an end to acne and save yourself even more health problems because it is hard enough living with PCOS to start with!

PCOS Acne Cure Tips

  • Beware too much Vitamin A – Vitamins are good for you in the right amounts. Vitamin A comes from green leafy vegetables but too much of these can actually damage your liver and cause more skin problems. Moderation is always the key.
  • Make face washing a better routine – Just splashing some water on your face is not good enough and so is rubbing too vigorously with soap or your towel. Instead spend a good 5 minutes steaming your face over a hot bowl of water. After this apply soap and lukewarm water and rub your face with your fingers in a cicular motion gently. Once you are done wash gently and pat dry your face with a soft towel.
  • Avoid Sugar – This helps with your PCOS and weight loss as well. Sugar is our modern plague and is in so many foods we do not even think about it. Make sure to cut your sugar intake and stop buying processed and packaged foods which use ungodly amounts of sugars in the. Fruit juice is also as bad as soda in many cases, go from fresh fruit instead.
  • Avoid Dairy products – Milk and cream and cheese though tasty are bad news for your body. They contain a huge amount of hormones that interfere with your natural state and lead to acne and other PCOS symptoms. It also causes mucus and produces sebum oil which produces acne in turn.
  • Zinc – Zinc supplements can be of help as zinc is known to reduce oil production in the body and the skin which can help fight against acne. This can take some time though and is not a miracle pill, just another way to help the body cope.

There are many more things you can do in a PCOS acne cure and following the advice of the guide I recommend on this site “Natural Ovarian Cysts Relief Secrets” will help you end your acne problems.

Another interesting guide from someone with the same thoughts and mindset as myself and the author of the previously mentioned guide is “Acne No More” by Mike Walden. This is a totally natural and holistic way of dealing with the underlying causes of acne to get rid of it completely. In fact of you follow Mikes advice you will also go a long way to solving your PCOS problems as well.