PCOS Hair Growth Treatment

PCOS Hair Growth TreatmentI recieved an email the other day from a women with PCOS who was mostly concerned with hirsutism otherwise known as excessive hair growth. She wanted to know about PCOS hair growth treatment options so I thought I would tell everyone a little of what I researched.

Personally I think that treating the symptoms of a problem is a bit of a waste of time when ou could be treating the underlying cause of the condition. However I do have to admit that hirsutism can be incredibly embarressing and damaging to a womens self esteem. As such a twofold approach is needed … but first for those who might be here for the first time a little bit of insight into WHY you suffer from hair growth.

PCOS is the result of a condition called insulin resistance which causes hormone imbalances in your body as a result. This hormone imabalnce gives rise to androgens such as testosterone, a primarily male hormone which women usually do not produce too much of. This increase in testosterone causes many problems with oen being hirsutism. As such you can treat the symptom and remove the hair but it will always grow back while you have PCOS.

So what is the solution?

Work on your insulin resistance fist and foremost. While you are doing this you can see that hair is removed regularly and somewhere down the line you will end up realising you are not removing hair anymore ebcause your hormones are back to normal.

Hair Removal

I have a little bit of hair and I usually opt for a little bit of shaving. It is cheap, gets good results and if you are careful is free from any risk of infections and rashes though they can happen. Other methods include using hair removal creams (not advised as they smell very bad and leave rashes) or plucking which takes forever.

Other more high tech solutions include electolysis and laser treatment. Both these methods do not work for everyone however and are expensive and can still be painful.

If you ask me shaving and plucking will do for most women and will save you money and time you need for the real way for PCOS hair growth treatment.

PCOS Insulin Resistance Treatment

Stopping the hormonal imbalance is your primary goal. Stopping the excessive flow of testosterone is the only way to stop the hair growth for good and doing so is mroe than a simple action like shaving.

You must change your lifestyle, your eating habits, your exercise habits and also your mental habits.

The 3 main points I continue to tell women are:

  • Eat a healthy diet free from hormones and sugars. The fresher the food the better and the lower the GI the better to help with the bodies problem with blood sugar.
  • Exercise is essential. Many women who have lost just a few pounds have managed to shrug off symptoms of PCOS they thought they were stuck with forever.
  • De-Stress. Stress lowers your immune system and also creates more hormones which interfere with a body already out of control with imbalances. Being less stressed will help your health and well being and if you follow the chain will stop hirsutism too.

All these things and more are outlined in theĀ  recommended guide on this site: Natural Ovarian Cysts Relief Secrets

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