Announcement: Natural PCOS Remedies to Shrink Ovarian Cysts, Gain Fertility & Other Benefits

A few people have emailed me asking what my story is and why I recommend natural PCOS remedies so much and why I hate drugs and surgery as a way to shrink ovarian cysts and cure PCOS. My name is Jennifer Koch and this is a story about myself and my sister Katie who both had run ins with PCOS or ovarian cysts.

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It starts with my sister who had been suffering from PCOS symptoms for quite some time. She had most of them, acne, hair growth on the face, weight gain and was subject to erratic and painful periods for years. Many doctors did not even twig this was polycystic ovary syndrome but after a few more opinions one doctor did confirm the problem.

The solution he found was drugs.

Hormone drugs, metformin and a bunch of others were given to Katie who was desperately trying to get pregnant with her new husband. She was stressed and sick and felt ugly and awful. She was having a really hard time and Niel her hubbie was very supportive but I don’t think he could quite understand what she was going through and to be honest, neither did I.

That is until I started having severe pains in my abdomen and back myself!

A trip to the doctor confirmed a huge ovarian cyst that had been growing for some time but not full blown PCOS. I was terrified and wanted an immediate solution. The doctor once again prescribed drugs but after seeing how USELESS they were with my sisters condition I refused and wanted another option.

He then suggested surgery but was at least good enough to tell me that surgery had serious risks and could damage my ovaries leading to infertility. The last options was to wait and see as they sometimes shrink on their own which is hardly an optimal PCOS cure.

It didn’t. In fact, it got bigger and more painful!

I decided to take matters into my own hands and started looking for another way. I had always been skeptical of natural ovarian cyst and natural PCOS remedies and natural treatments of any kind but i delved a little deeper.

I found a lot of misinformation and a lot of pseudo scientific junk but i did find enough bits an pieces to see that other women were having success with natural PCOS and ovarian cyst cures.

I was about to give up completely and opt for surgery!

However I finally found a guide that was recommended to me by a friendly internet user and former PCOS sufferer who said it would help my problem and my sisters. I was still skeptical but i contacted my sister who was very excited to try it because her erratic periods had basically ceased completely and was at her wits end.

I have to say that open looking at the guide and starting to follow it’s advice my skepticism started to melt away. Some things were absolute common sense which did annoy me a little but most of the guide told me and Katie how to apply some simple rules as well as some more complex things we had no idea about.

  • In about a month my ovarian cyst shrunk down to a normal size and i have not had one since and Katie was showing remarkable improvement.
  • A month after that Katie had shed about 22 pounds and her period had come back without pain.
  • Two months after that she fell pregnant for the first time due to natural PCOS remedies which gave her back her fertility and her health.

All i have to say is this PCOS treatment works to reverse the condition and also to shrink ovarian cysts. You do NOT need surgery, your do NOT need drugs … you just need a change in perception, lifestyle and a few little known methods that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know so they can keep selling you drugs year after year.

If you are in the same shoes as I was or my sister was I highly recommend you click below to visit Ovarian Cyst Cures and to find out about the natural PCOS remedy they provide.

Natural PCOS Remedies

13 thoughts on “Announcement: Natural PCOS Remedies to Shrink Ovarian Cysts, Gain Fertility & Other Benefits”

  1. I’ve tried everything available for over the counter out there. When I was younger I tried accutaine, which briefly worked for me. I have had cystic acne since I was in high school and I am now 40 years old and still battle it every day. I have taken minocyline twice a day for several years and it keeps the cysts under control, but if missed for only a couple days the cysts become out of control. I shower twice a day with dial soap and have just started tretinoid .05% topical for my face.

  2. My name is Marisol Castillo, I live in Boston, I and I have pcos for over 5 years and I need some help I will like to get the book but I don’t have the money because I’m not working. Can I get another help email me what to do.

  3. Hi Marisol,

    For the benfits the guide will bring you it is well worth the investment in money.

    Also, if it is not working for you you can get your money back no questions asked. I know about the transaction system that enforces this and it always works.

    Send me an email through the contact page if you ahve any questions and I will see what I can do to help you information wise 🙂

  4. hi, i am fascinated by this article. how can i get this book? i am a nigerian that is in africa? since i cannot access your e-book wi guess i have to continue with my trial and error. thanks all the same

  5. Hi Mercy,

    It is not my Ebook but written by someone else – I simply recommend it to those looking for help.

    You will need either a credit card or a paypal account to be able to download it I think if that helps any – that is the only way I think they sell it.

    If you have a bank account most of the time you can get a paypal account at but I do not know about Nigerian banks and their relationship to this company.

    I hope that helps somewhat! Read the rest of my site – there are a lot of tips that can help! 🙂

  6. Your story is amazing, dis is d first time hv read a positive article about PCOS, hv been living wit dis syndrome for so many years I dnt know how to deal wit it anymore.pls Nigerians dnt know how to get ur book or where to download it. Pls help us need ur reply

  7. Hi Kate,
    It is not my eBook, it is written by Laura Hennings and she distributes the book online or her company does – I just recommend it.
    You should visit her site and see if there is a contact email there to see if they can help with organizing a purchase!

  8. i had a partial historectomy ,about 8 months ago ,at the time just my uteras that was fibroids on it the ovarys were good then,but know i have a 5.5cm on my ovarys,should i have them surgectly remove or what.

  9. You can get rid of those cysts using more natural means than surgery Rena. diet, exercise, and herbal remedies can combine to help the body anturally shrink cysts and fibroids. Check out the eBook i recommend, it really is very helpful.

  10. An 11cm right ovarian cyst was diagnosed and doctor suggested removal. With 2nd opinion, the same was suggested. Thereafter, I was scheduled for a total Hysterectomy this coming 21 September 2012.

    I am still wondering if I really need to go through surgery as i don’t have any of the following symptoms that really warrant surgery:

    1. No Abdominal pain.
    2. Benign cysts as diagnosed.
    3. No heavy mentration or big blood clot
    4. I feel well.

    But I do feel a mass on right side abdomen.

    Wish to know if there is any less invasive ways to treat ovarian cysts other than surgery?

    Going through surgery also have it own sets of risks, but my cysts are benign as doctor said….do I really need to do a total hysterectomy just because I am at a menopausing age? Doctor said the cysts may turn cancerous if not remove and usually when found cancerous, it will be usually at late stage…

    May I know if there is any natural remedy which help shrink ovarian cysts?

  11. Hi Emily,

    There certainly is. It is not a one shot cure pill but it is not invasive at all except perhaps on some aspects of your lifestyle!

    Mostly this comes down to controlling your hormones though diet, exercise and some additional herbal remedies that on their own are helpful, but combined have a huge effect and can shrink cysts in weeks.

    Sugar and artificial additives are some of the main culprits but there is a lot more too it. The guide i recommend on this site is extremely helpful and can give you a lot more than i can fit on this site or in this comment.

    Take a look at the guide, but if you cannot afford it check the rest of the my site and you will get basically a starts course towards getting rid of cysts.

    Good luck 🙂

  12. Just follow the links I put on the bottom of the posts mostly. You go to the authors page where you can purchase it online and immediatly download it. Just scroll down the page till you see the order button and use paypal or a credit card i think!

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