Help With Infertility Due to PCOS

infertility_sucks_tshirt-p235397982213317873qz00_400Many women need help with infertility due to PCOS because this condition is the leading cause of poor fertility in women from all conditions and diseases. With an estimated one in ten women suffering from PCOS to various degrees this is a lot of women having trouble getting pregnant with PCOS!

What can you do to increase your fertility if you have PCOS though? Obviously completely curing the conditions is the ultimate goal but what specifically causes the infertility that is associated with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? The basic problem with your body and why it is infertile is because your periods are erratic or non existent and most likely an egg is often not released. This is because of hormone imbalances caused by insulin resistance which stop the right levels of female hormones from supporting a good and healthy menstrual cycle.

There are two methods that you can take to address this. The natural way, or with drugs

… if you have heard my rants against pharmaceutical companies then you may know what one i personally recommend! Click here to find out more on the natural way

There are many drugs that have helped women with PCOS and infertility. Drugs such as Metformin otherwise known as Glucophage help reduce insulin resistance and hormone normalization and others such as human chorionic gonadotrophin or hCG help to directly force the ovaries to release eggs. However all of these options are short term and require you to pump more drugs into your body with an ongoing reliance on them. Some doctors even recommend hormone therapy by pumping you full of estrogen but this is dangerous and does not stop your insulin resistance either so will not help!

I personally believe that short term stop gap measures like these may help some women become pregnant but at the cost of their health and their child’s health!

The other options is a more natural cure. This is a detailed and complex thing that will take some effort but the end results is not a simply opening of a window of opportunity to conceive but instead will eliminate PCOS completely and restore a good menstrual cycle giving you help with infertility due to PCOS and also ridding you of all other PCOS symptoms.

For more information on a natural cure of PCOS visit ‘Ovarian Cysts Cures‘. This guide has helped many women including my own sister reverse PCOS … As of writing this post she is 5 Months pregnant and healthy too.

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  2. I am literally in TEARS reading this! I had my first ovarian surgery at age 20 and the cysts were the size of softballs and had small cysts connecting between my two ovaries. I was in AGONY for 8 months until 1 sonogram tech finally saw the monsters. They explained that they sometimes lie dormant until you hit puberty and get your period and start slowly growing and causing weight gain, insulin resistance and hormonal issues. I grew up eating a 90 percent vegetarian diet. I played outside.I walked the neighborhood all day and night with friends in NYC for years and I was the fat girl amongst the group. I did everything I could to lose weight and nothing helped. I got my period late. Age fifteen .. almost sixteen and from age fifteen to twenty the cysts grew until removed by an enormous incision that went across my entire bikini line. They did reconstructive surgery on 1 ovary and told me I would still be able to have children. I did conceive once after my 1st surgery but did not produce a child due to unrelated circumstances. Within 2 years, without dieting, I was a size ZERO! I stayed that way until 10 years later, to the MONTH, and had another surgery, this time laproscopic, to remove cysts/tumors that were precancerous. I dropped down to a size 2 this time and stayed until now. I was in a car accident 4 years ago that damaged my spine. I was put on mega doses of painkillers and muscle relaxers and was bedridden for 3 years. I gained a ton of weight.. over fifty pounds. I am finally off the pills and the past year I notice I have ACNE which I have never suffered from, I get my period sometimes 3 times in 1 month and I am trying to conceive. I am so happy to have found this site. I am going to the Doctor ASAP and insist she test me. I had a feeling I was insulin resistant, I knew it, but i had no idea that the cyst issue was connected. THANK YOU Ms. Koch for this website. I cannot get the links to load though. I wind up at a blank page. Is this a glitch? I want to know all I can about NATURAL WAYS TO BEAT THIS SYNDROME THAT HAS PLAGUED MY ENTIRE LIFE AND FINALLY HAVE KIDS. GOD BLESS YOU!! Trish, NYC

  3. Oh dear! Try clicking the links again hopefully that was just a glitch, if you cannot access the page let me know and i will see what i can do to help! 🙂

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