Foods to Avoid With Ovarian Cysts & PCOS

foods-to-avoidJust a quick follow up to my previous post on PCOS weight loss tips. There are also a number of foods to avoid with ovarian cysts and PCOS not just because some can make you gain weight but they also have further impacts on your condition.

A quick list of foods to avoid are:

  • Processed meat
  • Anything overly processed!
  • Too much dairy
  • Artificial sweeteners – Aspartane and others are quit toxic over time
  • Anything too sugary – Yes this means if you have a sweet tooth you need to adapt somewhat!
  • Hormone ‘enhanced’ chicken and meat – Your hormones are already going through a rough time. Stick to organic alternatives
  • White breads – If you must have bread make sure you use wholemeal not the white stuff that just turns straight to sugar which your body is bad at handling at this point

There are many more but these are some nasty foods to avoid with ovarian cysts and PCOS!

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  1. Joey Randazzo Says:

    Its my understanding that simply because herbs are natural doesn’t mean they are are 100% safe. Some of the time there can still be possible side effects. Individuals taking supplements ought to still be mindful of possible allergic reaction.

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